8th Gr. Sports Philo. and Release

Each student participating in the Ladue Middle School Sports Program will have on file with their school a Physical and Parent Permission and Authorization for Treatment Form. Students will not be allowed to participate without this form. Student athletes and their parents are representing their school and are expected to maintain high standards of behavior. Any unsportsmanlike behavior, related to other fans, the visiting players, officials, or coaches could result in not being allowed to participate in the next game or dismissal of your son or daughter from the team. This program is designed to foster the development of character traits such as cooperation, honesty, and perseverance. Actions such as applauding good plays done by both teams and thanking the officials will do much to create the desired atmosphere.
This application to represent Ladue School District in interscholastic athletics is entirely voluntary on my part and is made with the understanding that I am exposing myself to risk of serious injury, including but not limited to, the risk of sprains, fractures and ligament and/or cartilage damage which could result in a temporary or permanent, partial, or complete impairment in the use of my limbs, brain damage; paralysis; or even death. I also understand that if I do not meet the citizenship standards set by the school or if I am ejected from an interscholastic contest because of an unsportsmanlike act, it could result in me not being allowed to participate in the next contest or suspension from the team either temporarily or permanently.

Ladue School District policy states that no illegal drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances may be used by students. Disciplinary measures will be taken in accordance with school district for infraction of these rules. My child and I understand these rules and we agree to comply with them.
I also state that my son/daughter is covered by accident insurance, which provides protection for accidental bodily injury while participating in approved school athletics.
This verifies that we have read and agree to abide by the philosophy stated above. 
Signed by the student: _________________________________ Date______________ 

Signed by the parent: __________________________________ Date______________


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