Rock Wall

Welcome to the Ladue Middle School Rock Gym 101 Course. Our school has been fortunate enough to receive funding from the Ladue Middle School Parents Association to purchase and install an indoor rock climbing wall. Please read this entire form as there is important information regarding the class as well as a climbing waiver form that must be signed and returned before your child may participate in rock climbing at Ladue Middle School.

The sport of rock climbing and the use of the Ladue Rock Climbing Gym have inherent risks. The purpose of this course expectation sheet is to ensure that everyone who uses the climbing gym has a full understanding of what is expected of individuals using the climbing gym.

Each person who uses the Ladue Rock Climbing Gym is expected to follow all gym and climbing guidelines established by our Licensed Rock Climbing Instructors. A failure to follow ALL GUIDELINES will result in the person or persons being immediately removed from the rock gym 101 unit.


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